20 Sep Realty Alive Predict

Promotional film for Chicago-based Realty Alive's Predict service, which helps home buyers and sellers connect much more quickly and effectively. We designed the full campaign, including the naming of the service. Our full process included: - Full branding including naming, logo + intro/outro logo animations - thoroughly researched...

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29 Aug iYo! Box

Commercial we created for iYo Box, a safety magnetic locking system. The magnets are designed to keep cabinets and drawers locked, to prevent children from opening them and getting hurt....

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16 Nov Al-Barakah Real Estate

We created an animated information video for Al-Barakah Real Estate, an Islamic finance company based in Holland. The aim of the video was to explain the ease with which customers can use the Al-Barakah mortgage service, to allow them to get a home without paying...

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26 Oct Cookoo for Coconut – Animation

The client wanted to create an intro animation sequence from their brand. We were provided a Photoshop file, which was taken into Illustrator and later separated each asset of the branding design into vector forms to be animated. All extraneous logos were then removed, for a clean...

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24 Jul Ice Lotto Commercial

Online spec commercial made for Ice Lotto. The company specialises in providing an easy way to access and buy lottery tickets from lotteries around the world. This was created as a new version to their existing online commercial, as a way to refresh their brand....

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07 Oct Satu Resort

We created a promotional film for the Satu Resort project. The project is composed of a hotel, apartment and retail space located in a beachside area. The full film showed potential clients the project's properties as well as the proximity to the great city of...

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